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S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters, left, stand next of Syrian civilians who fled from the areas that still controlled by the Islamic State militants, in Raqqa, Syria.(Mezopotamya Agency, via AP) BEIRUT -- Some 100 fighters from the Islamic State group handed themselves over to U.The Syrian passport will become the world's most expensive following the Damascus government's approval of a bill on amending the consular fees for issuing and renewing travel documents for Syrians residing abroad.The new amendments raised the fees 0 for urgent applications and 0 for regular ones, a cost equivalent to nearly 9 times the minimum wage in Syria, which stands at .6."There are still fighters but the area they control is getting smaller," said Mohammed Khedher of Sound and Picture Organization, which tracks atrocities by ISIS in Iraq and Syria.Earlier Friday, scores of civilians including women and children fled the last few remaining neighbourhoods held by the IS in Raqqa, ahead of an anticipated final push by U. A new video that emerged Friday shows desperate, terrified residents emerging from destroyed districts, some of them collapsing on the ground in exhaustion as they arrive.S.-backed fighters in the northern city of Raqqa Friday as fighting continued with remaining gunmen in a pocket inside the city.

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